Here at Grindstone wines at Chamisal Creek Ranch we are busy pruning and doing some trellis work. We are raising wires in our Syrah vineyard and pruning in the Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard.
Wire moving
wine moving 2
Cab pruning

We like to prune late in the winter to avoid diseases like Eutypa Lata (Dead arm of the grape vine). However, this year because of the series of storms we have encountered, we started even later than usual and are in a hurry to finish the work.
Besides all the rain water making it a sticky situation on our vineyards, spring water is surfacing in a number of spots. It is a farmers friend to see spring water surface. It is a sign that some of the ground water has been replenished after years of drought throughout California.
spring water
spring water 2
vineyard rainbow

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