As the temperature dipped for a few rare, cool nights in September we began our harvest almost a week early.

We started with Syrah which had matured quickest reaching between 25.5 and 26 brix. Next our Petit Verdot was ready for our winemaker which its deep, rich color will show in our finished product. And finally, our Cabernet Sauvignon was harvested which had exemplified an outstanding clean crop of full clusters.

To maintain and magnify each varietals unique characteristics, we began harvest every night as the sun set. As the sun rose the next morning we loaded our harvested grapes into refrigerated trucks and had them delivered to Del Rio Winery in Oregon by noon.

Below are some amazing moments captured by one of our own, Amy Doherty and close friend Aimee Williams.sunset-harvest auger vineyard-before-harvest grape-cluster dusk-harvest night-harvest night-harvest-2

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