Our daughter Molly has been busy checking sugars (brix) in the vineyards. Twice, sometimes three times a week in the early morning we take samples of clusters from different parts of the grapevine and then combine them with clusters from other grapevines of the same variety. Then the fun begins. The sampling crush begins. Using hands, arms, feet etc. we crush and mix the clusters creating must or simply fresh pressed grape juice.  Using a refractometer we then measure the brix of the must. For those who don’t know a refractometer is an optical instrument that measures the sucrose concentration in a sucrose and water solution.

Currently the readings are:   Syrah 23 Brix, Petit Verdot 22 Brix, and the Cabernet is at 24 Brix.  We like to harvest between 24.5 and 25. So we are fast approaching harvest. Stay tuned.

On the vine

On the vine

waiting to be sample

waiting to be sampled

IMG_8603 sugar


refractometer video

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